Review: Firefox

Oregon farmer John Kirby is minding his own business one fine morning when suddenly - KA-BOOM! - a strangely-dressed man falls out of the sky. He speaks to John in an alien language and he is being pursued by a very large, very aggressive silver robot. Both men face imminent annihilation...

The injured alien warrior grabs John's hand and two become one: the space warrior Firefox who blasts the robot to slag with beams of fire from his hands.

Writer Warren Montgomery and artist Luis Rivera bring us this tale of interplanetary superbeings very much in the vein of classic DC and Marvel, and it will definitely appeal to lovers of nostalgia. But there is also more to it than just fanboy homage; there is a complex backstory with characters that have more to them than meets the eye... Who killed John's parents? Why are Omega and her brother Powercross on opposite sides? What is the origin of the mysterious eight Wave Orbs, objects of devastating power?

Firefox has a diverse mix of well-drawn alien characters, including the villainess' crony Defleta who has a very handy third arm sprouting from his back. The space vistas have a psychedelic vibe to them and the designs have a 60s/70s style that harks back to the 'Bronze Age' of American comics (more than a shade of Jack Kirby, hence the nod in the main character's surname). Nevertheless it has a fresh feel to it and engages the reader. 


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