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Silver cyboid seductress ... She was made for pleasure. But what is her true potential? from my self-published comic Infinity Dragonfly   #infinitydragonfly #infinitydragonflycomic #scificomicnexus #sfcomicreviews #sfcomic #sfcomics #scificomic #scificomics #scifi #comics #comicbooks #sciencefiction

Review: Alien (2021)

"Dark like this gets into you. Penetrates you. Tightens around your skull. Presses into your eye sockets until something pops and even the memory of light - even the belief in light - drains away. " 2200. Gabriel Cruz is retiring as security chief of the multinational corporation Weyland-Yutani's Epsilon Station. Returning home to Earth, he hopes to repair his relationship with his estranged son Danny. Twenty-one years ago he was a soldier. His unit was all but totally wiped out on the colony LV-426 which was overrun by hostile life-forms... the xenomorphs . Ridley Scott's Alien (1979) was the defining space horror film. Sure, science fiction had scary monsters before (the lobster-clawed, bug-eyed mutants in This Island Earth (1955) certainly stand out) but in Alien the full implications of a perfect natural predator are played out, alongside the unearthing of humankind's deepest fears and revulsions of aggressive non-human life. The xenomorph combines the


The Fourth Doctor and companion Sarah Jane Smith are stranded on a planet right in the middle of the Sontaran-Zygon war. Things couldn't get much worse... Could they? Full colour, 35 pages of content. This is a nostalgic homage to the Doctor of my childhood in the 1970s. As with my other comics, this is a combination of drawing and 3D models (made in SketchUp and Blender). The comic is available in digital form only. Send me a request with your email address and I will send it to you (45 MB via Google Drive, you will receive a download link in your inbox.) If you do NOT want to receive information regarding future free sci-fi comics, sci-fi comic reviews and news, just include the words "no to mailing list" in your message. Your details will NOT be shared with anyone else and I promise not to spam you! Zak #freescificomics #sci_fi_comic_nexus_FREEBIE_FRIDAY #scificomicnexus #sfcomicreviews #sfcomic #sfcomics #scificomic #scificomics #scifi #comics #comicbooks #sciencefict


Contact Zak Webber for your copy: @SFcomicartist READ FREE ONLINE HERE #epsilonstarshock #doctorwho #doctorwhocomic #drwho #drwhocomic #dalek #daleks #sontaran #zygon #scificomicnexus #sfcomicreviews #sfcomic #sfcomics #scificomic #scificomics #scifi #comics #comicbooks #sciencefiction

Review: Legend of the Mind

As our story begins, David has taken a time travel drug called Can-D... Woken by his radio playing the song The Martian Time Slip , David drops the hypodermic on the floor. Staggering to the bathroom he is 'zapped' into a space car, flying through the air towards a concert hall. Pushing through the crowd towards the stage he meets the mysterious Palmer Eldritch (sporting robotic hand, eye and teeth) who informs David that he, David, is just in time to go on stage and begin his performance. David is perplexed by this so Eldritch gives him the drug Chew-Z to help him "remember the future". It works; David remembers The Martian Time Slip:   "Tomorrow I wrote this song." Legend of the Mind by writer/artist Jeffrey Hopp is an homage to the hugely influential  American science fiction author Philip K. Dick (1928-1982). The critically acclaimed movie Blade Runner is an adaptation of Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? , which is typical of his w

Review: Chaotic Flux

The world has gone mad. Living nightmares stalk the land, devouring everything in their path. Fanatical paramilitary soldiers hunt down alien hybrids to purify the planet. Nowhere is safe. A high-tech aircraft descends towards a blasted battlefield. Just before it touches down it morphs into a huge humanoid robot, opening its hands to reveal two figures: one human, one blue-skinned female. The human is Sorin, his exotic companion is Zithara, half human, half Zakarin. The robot is Strife, the third member of the team. A huge army is massed against them but they do not hesitate to leap into battle. But how did they get to this point? Flashback: several months ago, Zithara in a thunderstorm battling three mutant 'Dreadfiends', all teeth, claws, eyes and prehensile tongues. Plus, just to add to the horror, they can also speak, taunting her with their hunger for her flesh. Luckily her Zakarin DNA gives her some natural defences: she can generate sharp red crystal shards from her ski

Review: Buttercup (concept issue)

"I believe it is the quiet darkness that has always led me to the hunt..." A starship approaches a space station amid scattered, rolling asteroids in the vast, dark void. Given clearance to land, it sets down in the shuttle bay and a lone figure emerges: tall, lithe, female, feline... Dressed in cybernetic armour, the only part of her body visible is her long, bushy tail.  The station is home to many aliens, the predominant species being large, shifty-looking crustaceans. Our heroine makes her way through dark corridors, past the shady and destitute figures lurking in the shadows. She comes to a sleazy multispecies bar. Jaded patrons nurse their cheap beverages as exotic life-forms gyrate around poles for the amusement of the intoxicated crowd. Translucent tentacles clasp flasks of obscure mood-altering fluids... Who is this bold newcomer?  She has an appointment with a hulking lobster-like gangster boss. Negotiations regarding a mysterious artifact quickly break down, and th


by writer/artist Pam Harrison Her pod drifts into orbit of a planet that is the site of a medical facility. The staff bring her aboard and treat her injuries, discovering that she is far from being the average patient: she has circuitry implanted in her brain and throughout her body. Reviving her, they discover that she is also telepathic, projecting her thoughts into their minds. Alas, she also has amnesia and cannot tell them who she is or how she came to their planet. Read the first seven issues free: Review: Enjoy! Sci-Fi Comic Nexus #freescificomics #sci_fi_comic_nexus_FREEBIE_FRIDAY @houseofmuses @pamharrison7590 #scificomicnexus #sfcomicreviews #sfcomic #sfcomics #scificomic #scificomics #scifi #comics #comic-books #sciencefiction

Crítica: Medalha Zero

A policial paulistana Pandora visita o túmulo de seus pais e pondera sobre o misterioso desaparecimento de seu irmão Perseu três anos atrás, quando é abordada por um estranho. Vestido com uniforme de motociclista e com o rosto escondido sob um capacete escuro, ele diz a ela que conhece seu irmão. Ele tem um presente para ela; uma medalha feita de um material desconhecido. Ela insiste que ele conte mais, mas ele foge, invocando o poder do "gelo de Plutão!" e trazendo uma neve congelante que cobre o cemitério. Enquanto isso, em uma nave espacial que está em órbita, um alienígena verde sinistro, Doutor Mente, observa a troca em seu scanner. Ele tem mais medalhas como a dada a Pandora. Elas são feitas de um material encontrado apenas no coração de uma estrela ou planeta, e cada uma contém as propriedades do corpo celestial do qual foi retirado. Moldados em uma forma vestível, chamados de 'Medalhas do Universo', eles concedem grande poder para aqueles que os possuem. Para

Review: Zero Medal

São Paulo policewoman Pandora is visiting her parents' grave, and pondering the mysterious disappearance of her brother Perseu three years earlier, when she is approached by a stranger. Dressed in motorcycle garb, his face hidden under a dark helmet, he tells her that he knows her brother. He has a present for her; a medal made of an unknown material. She insists that he tells her more but he makes his escape, calling upon the power of   "Pluto ice!" and bringing down a freezing snow upon the graveyard. Meanwhile in an orbiting spaceship a sinister green alien, Doctor Mente, watches the exchange on his scanner. He has more medals like the one given to Pandora. They are made from a material only found at the heart of a star or planet, and each contains the properties of the heavenly body from which it was taken. Fashioned into a wearable form, called 'Universe Medals', they convey great power to those who possess them. In order to test their capabilities, Mente has

Review: Breaklands

Imagine a world in which everyone has a superpower... except you.  This is Kasa Fain's world. 147 years ago something happened that changed everything. Suddenly everyone manifested a paranormal ability; some strong, mostly not very strong, a small number extremely powerful. This last group, known as 'Shapers', fought against each other, devastating the planet. Successive generations inherited these gifts. Nature has also changed; animal life has mutated beyond recognition. There is no conventional technology now, people still drive vehicles but they are powered by the psychic energy of the one behind the wheel ... or of lesser psychics imprisoned under the hood. The landscape is a curious blend of post-apocalyptic and mythical: Mad Max with wizards. Kasa lives with her young brother Adam in a hidden enclosure in the wilderness outside the cities. Their mother left, promising to return and warning them to stay concealed, but she has been gone too long. Quite unlike his siste

Review: Blink

"How do you wake up from a nightmare when you're not dreaming?"  Mia lives in the city that never sleeps, eight million people, busy, crowded, noisy... She lives with her deadbeat parents in a poor part of town. She has no friends and she's not doing well at school. New York is a wonder, full of happy people, but happiness eludes Mia. She can see it all around her but she can't feel it. One day at the park she has a bizarre experience, Huge, colourless tentacles burst from a fountain and pull her into the water. Nobody sees it or hears her cries for help. Beneath the water she sinks into darkness... then snaps back to reality. People are looking at her strangely and backing away from her. There is no sign of the beast. Returning to her hovel of a home, she goes up to the roof so she can watch the sunset and enjoy the peace and quiet. Then her parents start fighting again. Shouting, cursing, screaming... She can't take it anymore.  She cries out "STOP!&