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In 2027 an advanced alien civilisation made contact, and the people of Earth discovered they were not alone. An offer to join the civilised universe was made. But then the aliens saw what a total shit show Earth was... Engaged in hundreds of wars, led by greedy politicians, and fumbling to advance technologically, humanity was deemed not worth the effort. The offer was withdrawn. Unable to build spaceships capable of efficient interstellar travel, and distracted by petty bickering and pop entertainment, humans eventually lost interest in the stars. Now in 2032 amid an anti-science presidential administration and public apathy, scientists in an economically crippled America struggle to fund innovative projects. At the Michigan Institute of Technology physicist Dr Christine Ocampo is screaming. "I'm not writing another six-hundred page grant application! I mean, seriously, guys, we're scientists, right? We're not supposed to waste our time writing the Anna Karenina of b


"'I'll get it back. I promise. I'll get your powers back." Ninth-grader Mia leaves school and joins the crew of the Aktis , a reconstruction ship that restores old buildings in space. It's a small crew: Charlotte and her wife Alma plus two other children; Alma' s neice Jules and Elliot. The galaxy is full of settlements, not all of them planets. Houses, temples and schools also inhabit space as huge self-contained buildings. Spacecraft are shaped like fish (specifically, koi carp), the interiors resembling those of 20th century houses. There are also trains that can take you to other planets... Mia learns that Elliot is from a settlement called The Staircase in a distant part of the galaxy, a moon with a valuable ecosystem that was colonised many years ago and is off limits to outsiders. Elliot is not the first person Mia has met from The Staircase, it is also the home of her long-lost girlfriend Grace. A year earlier Grace returned home, leaving her relat